Several Secrets of Attraction

Expensive perfumes are not a fad, but the last detail, which forms your overall vision. The smell is a powerful weapon, which often remains in the background.  As we know, that people have a natural smell, which plays an important role in choosing a partner. This explains the paradox that even when you use a whole bottle of perfume on yourself, you may not impress the woman that you want.

The results of a new study provides more clarity on the natural male odors and their impact on women. Scientists tracked how the sexual preferences of the ladies change depending on the levels of testosterone. It turns out that women ovulate like the smell of men with high testosterone, describing it as “masculine” and “sexy”.

The chemical Androstenol contribute to the production of natural flavor resembling musk. Men produce more of this chemical because testosterone levels are associated with the production of the Androstenol molecules. Sometimes men wear pheromone cologne which guarantees them to look more attractive to women’s eyes. Besides the natural odor there are other unexpected factors that affect the sexual attraction. And here they are.

Hungry men prefer rounded women. Appears the temporary condition, such as hunger, can affect the assessment of men. According to a survey hungry men tend to like more rounded women than weaker. The same applies for other temporary condition, namely stress. When a man is under stress, it tends to be attracted to rounded women.

Body shows everything. Body language can make a woman more attractive to male eyes. Important gestures like a smile, touching the hair, long look and others. Even if a woman is very beautiful, and if remain static, she won’t attract the men as the more casual-looking lady. Body language provokes interest in men.

Dark red and pink clothes are more attractive. Study at the University of Rochester found that purple and pink color act as a magnet for men. A woman dressed in these colors look much more attractive in men’s eyes. The explanation is that the ladies in red are considered more sexually responsive because of the color associations with fertility. On the other hand, women see men with red clothes as people with higher status.

Garlic acts attractive. It turns out that garlic can make you smell more attractive. When you eat garlic, the sweat is assessed better by the opposite sex. The explanation is that the garlic contain antioxidants which improve the metabolism. This in turn improves the natural odor that the body emits.

Oral contraceptives makes women happier. Birth control makes the ladies are more satisfied with their partner, therefore is less likely to separate partners. Women with higher levels of progesterone are of less interest to men with high testosterone. They are attracted more to the rich and intelligent men than to the typical machos.

Vydox – Men Only Boost Your Energy Levels

If you feel that you are not having the same energy levels as you were used to in your younger days. Then first you no worry it is not because you are not getting enough sleep. Likely it is because you are starting to have low levels of testosterone. It is a normal process that your testosterone levels starts to decrease when you reach the age of 25. First it is a few percentage each year but those numbers will start to increase up to 10% each year when you reach the age of 45. Low testosterone levels is a natural process but it does have a negative impact on your body. Things we took for granted suddenly starts to become more difficult.

Boost Your Testosterone Levels with Vydox

The good news about your testosterone levels are that you can actually do something about and once again start to get your energy levels back on track again. First of all you need to make sure you ae having a healthy diet. Secondly it is a good idea to do some sort of physical activities during the week. No worry you do not need to hit the gym every day or do a half marathon 5 days a week. Just make sure to move around at least 30 minutes per day. Finally you need to take a closer look at Vydox. This is a men only supplement that naturally can help you to increase your testosterone levels so you once again will start to get your energy levels back again.

Vydox increase your energy levels and stamina

Better Energy Levels for Your Career with Vydox

If you are having a career you may have noticed that it is not only your energy levels that are starting to decrease. Also your concentration and focus are starting to disappear. If you are into getting an executive job you may start to feel a certain competition starting to breathe behind your neck because of your lack of focus and concentration. Here Vydox is a great supplement to take as well. It will improve your blood flow so you will be able to stay more focus and more blood will be available for your brain to make those difficult decisios you sometimes need to make in a job position with responsibility.

Are You Serious About Your Energy Levels?

So if you are serious about your energy levels not only as a carrier person but also as a man in general then for sure a supplement like Vydox are going to be a great help to you. For men many who are serious about their life in some form already have their Vydox right next to their toothbrush and multivitamins because they know how important it is to make sure your testosterone levels are as healthy as possible as a man.

How To make Women Want You More

Getting the attention of a woman is one of the toughest tasks that men face. This is because a lot must be done to convince a woman that you are indeed worth her attention. It might take you long enough before she submits to you. However, you can be assured that she will finally give in.

A bigger challenge comes in when trying to make a woman want you even more. You might have successfully won her trust and attention but making her obsessed with you is something even harder. At this juncture, you will require taking a step further and give her the reason to believe you more than she did earlier. You must make yourself completely irresistible.

Here are important guidelines on how to make women want you more:

Be The Hero She Has Always Wanted

It is pretty obvious that women need a shoulder to lean on when in trouble or a compromising situation. Instead of just sitting there and lamenting with her, it is best if you offered your unconditional help. In fact, you should go beyond your call of duty and prove that you are indeed capable of getting her out of stressful situation. You can be assured that she will always feel safe when with you. She will have all the reasons to love you even more.

Compliment Her

One of the things that give women the strength to face the world is compliments. It makes them feel valued and accomplished at the same time. It is therefore the duty of a man to acknowledge even the slightest achievement a woman has made. If her grooming is pleasant, be sure to praise her for that.

However, it is important to always use complements sparingly. A chain of complements might at times sound irritating and unwarranted. Honesty is required at this juncture.

Be Neat

The first thing that women look in men is personal grooming. It might interest you to know that no woman can stand to live with man who is not hygienic. You might have managed to win her initially with the best grooming. However, if you fail to maintain cleanliness in the long run, her interest in you will slowly dwindle. However, if you remain neat, she will always be very proud of you.

Have Enough Self Confidence

They say nothing screams lack of self confidence with men as having a small package. Even though it seems to be more important to men than women (as recent studies have shown) it is still an important factor to consider. There are blogs out there that are helping men get a bigger penis, which in addition to a proven system can just give that final push to your self-esteem. You can check this sizegenetics review to find out more about the possibilities.

Take Things Easy

Relationships are not all about seriousness. For you to make her want you even more, the fun side of your relationship should be involved. Take time sharing real life jokes. In other words, you should do all you can to put a smile on her face. While this may be considered mediocre in relationships, it is the best way of creating strong emotional and intellectual connection. Women always love men whose company is not boring but fun.

Be Financially Stable

Aside from emotional connection, material wealth is also very important in a man. Today, any man who is not financially stable is considered weak. If you must keep impressing your woman, then your financial image should favor you completely. This helps in proving that you are not dependent and you can supply her needs adequately.

Importance of Client Screening Forms for Independent Escorts

Web Design for Independant Escorts


Clients Screening Form for Escorts

Escorting pays good money especially when you have your own website and do your own bookings. In some ways, it is a tough business to be in, as you never know what kind of a person you are going to meet next. Therefore, screening escort clients is essential and having a clients screening form for escorts system is essential. It is a tedious process but a necessity at the same time. There are three main reasons to verify your potential clients.

Avoiding Time Wasters

There are some weird people out in this world. However, as an escort, you are putting in a lot of time and effort in scheduling your date and ensure that your date has a good time. However, there are men who just like to just waste time of others for fun. Screening such clients beforehand will ensure that you do not end up wasting your time.

Avoiding Law-Enforcement

Even though, it is uncommon to have strings but it can still happen and it is best avoided. Therefore, it is better to be cautious and plan for this. The best way to avoid this situation is to prescreen the clients.

Avoiding Bad Clients

Pre screening ensures that the person you’re going to meet is not some lunatic who is out there to hurt women. It may sound a bit dramatic but there have been instances where women have ended up in hospitals. The nature of your work demands secrecy and some men may try to take advantage of this.

Therefore, it is better to prescreen the client and verify his identity prior to the date. Prescreening also helps, as the client is aware of the fact that you have all of his details.

You can ask the developers of your website to include a client screening form. In this form, you may choose to include their legal name, address, phone number, work phone number, place of work, e-mail address, and references from some other escorts.

With all these details, you can look for the prospective client online on search engines. You may also use reverse phone lookup services to verify the other details provided by the client.

You should also check Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Sometimes, a client may not want to provide their legal name. In such cases, they may provide their online alias. You can also search the alias on Google, as many people use the same alias on message boards and other sites.

Escort Web Design Services

Advertising is key for independent escorts. Even though there are hundreds of websites where you can advertise yourself, it is important to have your own website so that potential clients can look you up and you also can gather all the details needed for prescreening.

The expert web designers at Platinum Web Media have helped a lot of businesses in setting up their website. Our team of developers has also a lot of experience in setting up unique and great looking websites for independent escorts.

Give us a call today and our experts will be happy to set up an amazing looking website with all the required forms at an affordable price.

You Need to Improve Your “Texting Game”

There are certain texting mistakes you make with a girl that I refer to as “deadly” because when you get a girls phone number, or even when you’ve been dating her for a little while, texting becomes the number one form of communication whether you like it or not. It becomes how you communicate with her and when you do this wrong, when you make these mistakes, you not only kill the momentum but possibly ruin your chances of even getting her to meet-up with you. The attraction that she did feel towards you quickly disintegrates if you don’t communicate with her via text the right way.

When a girl pulls out her phone and she reads extremely dull, mundane and boring texts from you, you leave her thinking that you’re just like every other guy out there and not only that, you lose her attention. Attention is the number one commodity in this day and age. A woman is distracted by so many things like facebook, email, phone calls, by constant barrage of instant messengers and chats etc that you have to be able to keep her attention. Whether you’ve just met her or whether you’ve been dating for a several months, you always have to be able to keep her attention; more specifically, you have to be able to know how to do this by text messaging or you’re going to lose girl after girl. The magnetic messaging download can show you exactly everything you need to know about texting women in a way that keeps them always attracted or intrigued by you.

By the way, I’m talking from experience when I talks about losing girls due to being boring and not sending the right text messages. I had a girlfriend throughout college and when I got out of college, I really hadn’t had that much experience texting girls. This is because I was mainly with my girlfriend during my college years. We lived in dorms that weren’t that far apart so we saw each other so often that there wasn’t really that much communication via text needed.

After college ended and the relationship ended, I soon found myself feeling like a dating fossil because all of a sudden, I had to be able to text girls and I just didn’t know what the hell I was doing. I made a lot of mistakes and it wasn’t until I corrected them that I began to see consistent results. I did this by taking all the attractive elements of normal conversation and sort of boiling it down into tiny little texts. And when you master this sort of communication for texting, you gain a massive advantage over all the other guys out there.

How to Pass a Woman’s Compliance Test.

Women typically have three different kinds of tests that they use to evaluate the men that try to interact with them for the purpose of possible future dating, relationships or hookups. They are the compliance test, the congruence test and the gender role test. You can check out the tao of badass ebook for details and examples of all three tests. In the mean time, we’ll take a brief look at the compliance test.

A compliance test is whenever a woman asks you to do something for her just for the sake of doing that thing so she can see whether or not you’re going to bend to her will. Through this she can ultimately tell whether or not you are used to beautiful women being attracted to you. A perfect example of this is: “will you buy me a drink?” There are lots of ways of getting past this but I’ll give you one of the easiest ways to do it that has worked a lot for me and then you can try it out and see if it works for you.

Once I knew this, I could start to see that women were giving me compliance tests and I immediately advanced to the next level with my interactions with women. This tip I’m about to share is called “adding your own terms” Now, the reason why this works is because, keep in mind that women aren’t actually looking for a drink whenever they ask you to buy them a drink. Instead, they’re looking for you to do whatever they want you to do to see if you are used to having beautiful women in your life. The way to answer this is not to respond with a “yes” or “no.” Instead, the answer will be to get them to do something for you first. The easiest way to get around this is to say something to the effect of… “Ok, I’ll buy you a drink but only if you do your best impersonation of Borat”

So, what you’re essentially doing here, is that you’re showing her that you’re not fazed by her beauty and won’t run to the bar immediately to get her the drink like most guys would because they’re afraid she’ll leave. You’re indirectly communicating to her that you’re used to this sort of thing happening to you and that she has to earn her drink by entertaining you first with the Borat impersonation. 90% of the time, girls will laugh at this, be playful and will try to do their impersonation. Once this happens you can then buy her the drink and it won’t be a big deal. However, she will look at you very differently and realize that you’re not someone she can push around and you will pose some kind of challenge. That’s the guy you want to be.

Best Tinder Techniques

Have you already heard about the newest dating app Tinder? If not, Tinder is hottest and becoming the most popular dating app in this moment. You just have to look for the name, profile picture and ages of the single women in your locality. If you find it interesting and attractive, the decision is all yours if you will swipe right or left. Once you have felt that your feeling is mutual, then that says that it is your match. If you have already proved that it is your match, you can immediately start the communication with each other. This app will teach you ways on how to get more matches and on how to achieve success on Tinder.
If you have this app on your mobile, you have probably started how to use it right? You must be in the stage of applying the best Tinder technique that you have learned in the Tinder coaching or dating app coaching. If you have lost your girlfriend, maybe it is now time for you to look for another one in which you are rest assured that you have mutual feeling for each other. It is already time for you to seduce women using Tinder. Through this dating app Tinder, you will be able to learn different things that will surely make you happy. If you have already started this dating app in your mobile phone, surely your best Tinder profile is now on the process of seeking its match.
In using Tinder, best Tinder technique should be employed. If you want to make sure that you will achieve success on Tinder, the following are tips that will help you in finding you potential match and this will also help you if you want to successfully seduce women using Tinder male performance enhancement:

Best Tinder Techniques
Add animal on your profile picture: It will be difficult for you to seduce women using Tinder if your pictures is surrounded by women and vice versa. You would probably look undesirable for that unlike if your picture is with starfish, cat, dog or any other animal, the Tinder people will surely like you.
Make use of the emoticons: You can make use of emoticons most especially in your first day of communicating with each other. There are different emoticons that you can use in your mobile, like for example someone messages you with ‘heyy’; you can respond it through the use of Emoji or winky-face emoticon. You can use English language if the person wants to clarify something about the emoticon you sent.
Assume for the worst: If you are looking for a group photo, always assume that the worst one might be your match. This way, you will not be surprised if ever that you have already met each other.
This new app will enable you to get every woman you want on Tinder. The aforesaid best Tinder technique can be very useful and helpful for you if you want to make sure that you will seduce women successfully. You should always be careful with your act and photos so that you will not look undesirable.

How to Easily Find Wichita Escorts?

These days, you will find plenty of sexual vixens who come from different nationalities. You might choose to call for a busty girl from Spain or China or some married woman offering discreet services in their own time. Every woman would have different rates as per the location, age and experience. However, there’s nothing better than hiring Wichita escorts. In this post, we have discussed how to find an escort in Wichita to fulfill your sexual needs.

wichita escortGo Online

You get to access online galleries of such agencies where you can find pictures of beautiful escorts. Once you’re through with all the pictures, you can choose and decide on which escort you want. You might opt for in-house or on-call facilities, depending on your requirement. You can call them in your hotel, club or any other place where you can be comfortable about the whole scenario.

If you decide to opt for in-house facility, you may have to shed extra money from your pocket. But it lets you enjoy the company of an attractive woman in your own space. You can be yourself while enjoying the companionship and experience that you gain from it.

Look for a Massage Service

Another alternative is to call for Wichita massage service. This again would be made available at extra cost, but the pleasure of spending the night with someone who can massage all the stress out, and fill you up with new positivity will be worth each penny.

A reputed escort agency can help you find the best Wichita escorts in the town. You can easily seek out the service that you want and even look for best deals for some monetary savings. A professional escort’s agency provides special deals on official sites to make the entire deal easy for everyone looking for some fun and thrill. You can take the information from the website and contact the agency to know more about the available options.

A professional escort’s service provides high-quality escorts. While looking for the girl of your choice, you must make sure that you get your money’s worth. Browse through the model galleries marked under different categories and get ready to avail the benefits of quality services at affordable rates.

Hire Escorts Online – Book in Advance

These days, the best thing you can do is to hire an escort in Wichita online. There are numerous advantages of hiring escort services online. Some of the advantages include:

  • The official site is updated regularly. Pictures of models are made available in real time.
  • You find new faces and models every week.
  • You get a wide range of choices.
  • You get to meet different aged women from different nationalities.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re already planning a trip to Wichita for your next business project or just want a vacation, you know what to do when you feel lonely and dull in the city. There’s no need to spend your night alone and make your life dull only because you’re away from your closed ones. You can get a friend, companion, and partner in the form of a top quality model looking escort online at

4 Things Women Find Attractive in Men

Confidence: Yes I know it’s cliché and I know you’ve probably heard it a thousand times or more times than you care to count. Here’s the thing though; it’s cliché for a reason and you‘ve heard it enough to mak you sick because it’s quite simply the truth. One of many reasons why you hear it all the time is because a lot of guys mistake arrogance for confidence. Arrogance is a complete turn off for women so if you haven’t yet figured out the differences between the two, then you have some homework to do and this will be making sure you clearly understand that difference.

Physique: For some reason, men are the unfortunate ones that get labeled as “pervs” because they’re known for lusting after women they see with amazing figures and head turning “assets” they carry on the front and back. Perhaps you didn’t realize it because of the stereotype that only men do this, but women look at men in that way just as much. Great biceps, a chiseled chest and the oh-so elusive six pack make women swoon like there’s no tomorrow. As a guy, if you don’t already, you might want to consider hitting the gym or getting you some dumbbells to at least get started on your biceps as these are typically the most visible attractive features you can display with short sleeved clothing.

Conversation: There’s nothing that kills the mood more for a woman than boring conversation that lacks the ability to create any kind of spark. Worst still, is a guy that can’t keep a conversation going. Look, at some point in our lives, we’ve all been there and many of us today fall flat on our faces because we run out of the things to say or talk about. I used to have this problem until I came across this conversation guide for men that shows you exactly how to have fun and erotically stimulating conversations with women. It’s called “Conversation escalation.” If interested, you can check it out at

Humor: Well, we started with one of the biggest clichés of clichés so we might as well finish with yet another one. Again, you’ve probably heard every single girl you know, her mother and grandmother say that a great sense of humor will get you a long way with them. After all, who doesn’t like a good laugh? Think about it, whether you’ll admit it or not, you’ll see that even as a guy you tend to gravitate more towards, or like your male friends that are funny. So if you can feel this way, imagine how a girl would feel about humor that she gets out of a guy that she’s attracted to.


Benefits of using SizeGenetics Extender

When you’re purchasing a product, the most important thing is getting the result you need. This goes too for SizeGenetics Extender. And of course, you need to be aware when SizeGenetics Extender results will begin appearing, and if they are temporary or permanent. The most crucial of all is if this product has any side effects.

The good news: SizeGenetics Extender is among the revolutionary products for enhancing the size of your penis, and it has no side effect at all. The reason is simple: SizeGenetics helps you in gaining penis size through basically adding tissues to it. It’s similar to surgery, though without actually being one.Sizegenetics extender kitIn cosmetic surgical process, the surgeon will add size to your penis through adding fibers in the organ. On the other hand, SizeGenetics Extender also does the same; though the only difference is that it’s going to do this through helping the body basically grow tissues in, and around your organ. Through this, you completely and naturally grow your penis.

Since SizeGenetics Extender results are from addition of tissue, so there’s no way it’s going to be temporary. There’s no way back when you’ve gained the size that you need. Well, there are some products which increase temporarily the size of your penis through increasing blood flow to your penis. However, this is not how SizeGenetics Extender operates.

This is what the exercise routines and pills in SizeGenetics Extender are meant for. The pills boost the flow of blood to your organ so that the blood is able to deliver nutrients there. This helps the cells in the rebuilding process. The set of exercises are not just normal ones. They’re kegel routines. These are known to be of benefit to both sexes.

The rationale behind these accessories is to help in the process of penis growth so that the user receives results much speedier than it would normally take them. This surely doesn’t mean that SizeGenetics may not work all by itself. Well, it can. However, what harm is when you are capable of getting your desired results much earlier as compared to what it would take otherwise? For more details check

The most vital thing to consider is the amount of time it would take so as to get your needed outcome. Unlike majority of extender devices or pumps, you are going to start experiencing some visible results within the first month. The results’ quality might depend on the previous size of your penis and the way the device is used. But promising results are visible after some few months of regular use. You may also use SizeGenetics Calculator, or sidebar, to estimate when your results is going to come.